At CHS we are often repeatedly asked the same questions. Here are some frequently asked questions with answers that may help you out:


Q: Will I need a referral to attend the clinic?

A: Yes you will need a referral from your general practitioner.


Q: How soon will I get an appointment?

A: For acute symptoms, patients will be given an appointment within 4 days; for non acute patients the wait will be about 4 weeks.


Q: What should I bring to my appointment?

A: You will need to bring your referral and any scans or X-rays that you might have had done.


Q: If I do not have health insurance can I still attend the clinic?

A: Yes. Medicare will pay a proportion of Dr Burke’s fee the same as with any specialist. If you have your bank details registered with Medicare then we can put your rebate directly back into your bank account.


Q: If I need an operation can it be done at the clinic?

A: Many procedures can be done in our operating theatre. At your initial consultation Dr Burke will assess your condition and decide whether it is suitable for treatment at the clinic. This can alleviate the necessity for a hospital admission, which can entail an extended waiting period.