Q: Is the operation painful?

A: No, most patients need only paracetamol or ibuprofen.


Q: How long will I be in hospital?

A: The operation is done as a day case procedure so you will be in hospital for about 5 hours


Q: Will the haemorrhoids recur?

A: The recurrence rate is less than 3%.


Q: How long will I have to take off work?

A: Between one to two weeks for an energetic job, one week for a sedentary job.


Q: Can the operation be done in the public system?

A: No. The laser equipment is only available at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.


Q: How long is the operation?

A: The operation lasts about half an hour.


Q: Will I have a full anaesthetic?

A: No, the operation is done under light sedation and local anaesthetic, which provides many hours of pain relief.